Greg Patten CEO of MTA NSW said “The Association believes the action by the ACCC in taking Coles & Woolworths to the Federal Court is a swift & positive move.”

Coles & Woolworths had given court enforceable undertakings to the ACCC that from January 1st, 2014, the limit on fuel discounts that are linked to supermarket purchases would be to a maximum of 4 cents a litre.

In recent weeks it was becoming increasingly apparent the discounts being offered did not seem to reflect the undertakings made. “Just when we thought the issue had been stabilised, by the undertakings, the supermarkets came up with other ways to achieve a higher offer above the 4 cent maximum agreed, he said.
Mr Patten commented, “Petrol shopper dockets are an uncompetitive practice in petrol retailing and the docket schemes have resulted in a number of independent sites leaving the industry. The outcome equals less competition!”

The ACCC has previously spoken out against shopper docket schemes, wherein last July, 2013, Mr Sims chairman of the ACCC warned that the docket scheme may actually push up the price of petrol & create an unassailable duopoly.

Direction hearings in the Federal Court are set for April 3, 2014.

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