Brake System Checks and Warnings

Brake Warnings

With all of our technological advancements, we still generally rely on so-called “idiot lights” and the sound of scraping metal to be our most common early brake trouble warnings. The problem is that both of these types of warning methods are really giving you a trouble signal when it is actually time for critical safety brake service. More recently “squeakers” have been added to brake pads as an early warning system to remind you to get the brakes checked by your mechanic at your next service.

Top Reasons Why Your Car Is Vibrating

Own a car long enough and there’s a good chance you’ll develop auto problems of some nature. And one of the most common and most bothersome problems is vibration. What’s more, it often creeps up on you gradually and subtly – until one day you find yourself wondering how you ever put up with such an annoyance.

car-vibrating-1Perhaps then you asked yourself, what does it mean if my car is vibrating? While there’s no substitute for the assessment of someone with an extensive automotive background, you can develop a good feel yourself for diagnosing car problems that are relatively common, such as vibrations.

The fix could be something relatively cheap and simple, like a tire rotation or balance. Or it could signal something more serious, like steering or suspension issues.