LPG/ Gas Pink Slip

LPG/ Gas Pink Slip

LPG Rego inspections, safety inspections for Gas and  LPG Vehicles(LPG Pink Slip).

A safety check (Pink slip) is needed to renew the registration on any vehicle more than five years old as well as on vehicles previously registered in a different state or territory.

In New South Wales, your registration renewal notice will tell you if a safety check is required for your vehicle before you can renew your registration.

LPG Pink Slip

If a safety check is required and your vehicle runs on LPG, it must be inspected at an Authorised Safety Check Inspection Station AIS) which has an authorised LPG examiner, many people still refer to this as an LPG pink slip.

MB Mechanical Repairs are authorised to perform Rego Inspection on LPG/ Gas Vehicles

After your vehicle has passed the safety check we will send the report to the RTA electronically so they have it immediately allowing you to register your vehicle online with myRego or over the phone meaning you don’t have to physically go to the registration office and queue for hours.