Pink Slip Inspections

Pink Slip Inspections

What is a pink slip inspections?

To register your car for driving each year, the Roads and Maritime Services – the RMS (formerly the RTA), requires that you have it checked for roadworthiness by an authorised mechanic. This check is called a registration check (it’s also now known as an RMS vehicle safety check) or in the common vernacular rego check.

You will get a pink slip from your licensed mechanic after a successful registration check. This confirms that your car is safe to drive. Rego checks take around 30 minutes to complete and can usually be done while-you-wait and results are valid for 42 days.

The completed pink slip inspection, together with the green slip from your preferred car insurance provider, will enable you to renew your vehicle registration for another 12 months.

MB Mechanical Repairs can perform Pink Slip vehicle safety checks, while you wait. We submit it electronically so the RTA knows it has been completed.

Pink Slip inspections are often a time when the mechanic can identify other issues with the car that you may have been negecting, such as brakes, tyres or wheel alignment, all of which reduce the stopping effectiveness of the vehicle, which is one of the major tests in a pnk slip inspection.